One World,
One Struggle !

David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Keynesianism in the 1960s A bimonthly podcast hosted by Professor David Harvey that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens.
What are the real reasons behind the New Cold War? The US is launching a New Cold War against Russia and China in an attempt to deflect our attention from the escalating crisis of global capitalism.
Political Blackness and the search for multiracial solidarity A racist incident at SOAS University of London has opened new conversations about Black and South Asian solidarity and the trouble with political Blackness.
The Laura Flanders Show: A New Day for Public Television? Weekly in-depth interviews with forward-thinking people in the worlds of arts, entrepreneurship and politics with Laura Flanders.
Economic Update: How US Capitalism Uses Nationalism A weekly show focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life and alternative ways to organize our economy and politics, with Prof. Richard D. Wolff.
We have no answers; we have questions. Urgent ones We do not know how to stop the planetary destruction caused by capital — but by asking the right questions we can find our way forward together.
Spadework: Experiments in Workers’ Self-Organization A podcast dedicated to circulating the practices and mechanisms that make resilient, rewarding and effective organizations and movements.
Policing the borders of anti-Asian violence Amidst calls for militarized state “protection,” it is urgent we expand the concept of anti-Asian violence towards a systemic and global diagnosis of imperialism.
Father Frost Against Putin Every year, Russian activists gather in Helsinki, continuing a long tradition in which the city has served as a safe haven for Russian revolutionaries.
Liberate Palestine, decolonize Israel The decolonization of Israel requires restoration of Palestinian rights while dismantling Zionist settler colonialism as an exclusive and controlling ideology.

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